Expert Witness and Mediation Services


Work is only undertaken under the appropriate Model Terms of Engagement of the Academy of Experts, either for Expert Advisor, Expert Determiner, Expert Witness or Single Joint Expert appointments, or under their Agreement to Mediate terms and conditions.


An initial consultation of up to 30 minutes may be arranged without charge to explore the possibilities of help in a particular case.

Fees will be quoted upon application and instructing parties will be held responsible for the payment of all fees and disbursements.

The receipt of cleared funds by an instructing party, from authorising authorities in all legally aided cases, are to be paid immediately.

Attendance at Court is charged at the hourly rates applicable.

All Travelling Time is charged at 50% of the applicable hourly rate.

Disbursements, Expenses and VAT are charged at cost as incurred.

Additional charges apply in the event of the cancellation of Court Appearances, Meetings or the Withdrawal of Instructions for Reserved Time.